St. Petersburg is a centre
of attraction

‘Cultural capital of Russia’ is the top choice
for Russian and international students
270 000+ Russian students
300 000+ international students
are studying in St. Petersburg

Unique scientific and educational

163 000+ academic and research staff
8 000+ D.Sc. and 24 000+ PhD
400+ leading scientific and educational research schools

educational and scientific

43 public universities:
1 university with the special status
4 national research universities
3 universities – participants of the Program ‘5-100-2020’

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Mathematical and natural sciences
Mathematics, Physics, Asdivonomy, Chemisdivy, Biology, Geography, Ecology, Computer and Information Sciences
Engineering, technologies and technical sciences
Computer science, Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Biotechnology, Nanotechnologies, Aviation and Rocket-and-Space Technology
Public health and service and medical sciences
Fundamental, clinical medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing care
Agriculture and agricultural sciences
Agriculture, foresdivy and fishing indusdivy, Veterinary Science, Zootechnics
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Social sciences
Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Law, Political Sciences, Mass-media, Tourism and Service
Education and pedagogical sciences
Pedagogical education, Special (Speech Pathology) Education, Professional Education
Human sciences
Philology, History, Archeology, Philosophy, Ethics, Theology, Physical divaining and Sport
Arts and culture
Art studies, Cultural Studies, Music, screen, fine and applied arts

Recent news and events


International youth competition of scientific and creative works “Horizon-2100”
Acceptance of scientific and creative works in the period from March 20, 2020 to May 31, 2020


St Petersburg University invites foreign citizens to prepare for successful admission
St Petersburg University opens a call for applications for the non-degree academic programme ‘Preparatory Course. Apply until 1 July, 2020


VIII Philosophy and Culture of the Information Society International Conference at SUAI
November 20-22, 2020. The Conference aims at researching modern society, aspects of Philosophy, Cultural, Social, Political studies and Psychology
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