Doctoral programmes at St Petersburg University in mathematics and mechanics


Mathematical processes and phenomena are the basis for natural sciences and many humanities. Development of many other disciplines and technical evolution in general is impossible without them. Doctoral programmes of St Petersburg University majoring in ‘Mathematics and Mechanics’ will be of interest to those researchers who are engaged in and fascinated by such sciences as topology, algebra, geometry, and mechanics.

Resource opportunities and schools of thought at St Petersburg University will make it possible for doctoral students to put forward their own ideas. They will also be deeply involved in research activities directly at the University. The course contents are compliant with current trends and the areas of their application. Computer Methods of Mechanics; Dynamics of Microparticles in Space Plasma; Theoretical Mechanics; Canonical Systems and Advanced Number Theory; Mathematical Models of Biological Systems; Algebraic Geometry — this is just a small selection of the main academic courses taught in the programmes. Students also master a number of general courses, regardless of the chosen programme.

Among the advantages of these programme are: acknowledged schools of thought; an opportunity to major in a wide range of areas and acquire qualifications in several areas of mathematical sciences; a combination of academic tradition with best practices; close cooperation with the research and academic environment; academic mobility programmes (opportunities for international research exchange); and contests of doctoral scholarships.

Doctoral programmes at St Petersburg University train highly qualified researchers and teachers. After training, graduates of the programmes will have improved the professional skills necessary for research activities, independent decision-making, and effective management of scientific efforts. Their professional activities include: fundamental problems of mathematics; effective algorithms for solving applied problems; and many other fields. The awarded qualification is ‘Researcher — Research Lecturer’. Graduates of doctoral programmes can submit the text of the dissertation to the dissertation council for its defence and obtain the degree of candidate of physics and mathematics.

Doctoral programmes at St Petersburg University in mathematics and mechanics:

On 1 March, the University has started the admission process for applicants for doctoral programmes. Applying to the University is in distance mode through the official website of St Petersburg University.

Click here to see the admissions calendar.


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