Graduate Programme in Russian Literature Launches Double Degree Track


HSE University — Saint Petersburg and the Free University of Berlin have signed an agreement on a new double degree track for the Master’s programme ‘Russian Literature in Cross-cultural and Intermedial Perspective’. The agreement will enable advanced students have to spend the second year of their studies in Germany and earn diplomas from both partner universities.

The double degree track will be implemented in collaboration with the Master’s Programme in East European Studies of the Free University of Berlin.

‘The reason for partnering with the Free University of Berlin is not only because it is one of the leading universities in Germany. The programme in East European Studies and our graduate programme share an interdisciplinary orientation and an emphasis on comparative studies,’ explained Ilya Kalinin, Academic Supervisor of the programme ‘Russian Literature in Cross-cultural and Intermedial Perspective

This track provides students with an opportunity to expand their range of courses, learn from leading European scholars, and hone their language skills. In addition, studying in Berlin for one or two semesters is a great opportunity to experience one of the leading academic traditions in one of Europe’s cultural capitals.

Students will spend a year at the partner university. The double degree programme will open with its first cohort in autumn 2021. Studying at the Free University of Berlin is free of charge for programme participants.

Two or more students will be given the opportunity to join the double degree track. The programme’s Academic Committee will select students on the basis of their academic performance and motivation letter. English and German are the languages of instruction, so candidates should be proficient in the two languages (B2 level or higher). Students can confirm their language proficiency by passing an interview or by providing international language certificates issued no later than 3 years prior.

Students must defend their Master’s theses at HSE University — Saint Petersburg or the Free University of Berlin in either English or German at the end of the studies. Students who successfully defend their theses will receive diplomas of both universities: HSE University — Saint Petersburg and the Free University of Berlin.

To learn more about the double degree track visit thee double degree programme’s page.


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