HSE University – Saint Petersburg and UCL Open a New Graduate Programme


Admissions to the programme 'Comparative Russian and Eurasian Politics' starts in 2021. Students will study at University College London and HSE University - Saint Petersburg. Upon completion, students will obtain a double degree diploma. The programme is of interest of those who want to study Russian and post-Soviet space, be prepared for PhD programmes, and get expert knowledge about the region.

The programme 'Comparative Russian and Eurasian Politics' offers fundamental analysis of Russian and Eurasian politics, societies, and cultures. Graduate students will obtain relevant knowledge about post-Soviet space and develop skills of government policy and social development analysis. They will also strengthen their methodology knowledge, which will contribute to students' both research activity and other careers.

Graduate students will be able to design their curriculum via diverse optional courses which make up half of the programme. The programme includes courses devoted to studying specific countries of Eurasia and methodology courses which allow students to immerse into discourse analysis or working with digital data. Besides, graduate students can choose courses on Russian Empire History, Soviet Cinema, or EU migration politics.

Graduates will be able to continue their studies on PhD programmes in Russia and worldwide or work for companies that need specialists with expertise in Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.

How to get to the programme?

The admissions start in 2021. The programme 'Comparative Russian and Eurasian Politics' lasts 2 years. Students spend their first year at University College London (hereafter - UCL) and the second at HSE University - Saint Petersburg. Upon graduation, students obtain diplomas of both universities.

The programme is fully taught in English, so students from every corner of the world who meet the requirements of both HSE and UCL can apply. To enter the programme, students must provide their bachelor's diploma and have at least 7.0 overall band score for IELTS.

The programme 'Comparative Russian and Eurasian Politics' offers fee-paying seats only. However, the Joint Academic Committee intends to discuss the opportunity of making discounts or providing scholarships to the best students. Detailed information about the dates of admission campaign and tuition fee will be announced later on the website.

Andrey Starodubtsev Academic Supervisor of the Master's programme 'Comparative Russian and Eurasian Politics' : «UCL is one of the best universities in the world in social sciences, while HSE produces significant knowledge about socio-political processes in post-Soviet countries. Studying on the joint programme will provide students with relevant knowledge about this region from world-leading experts working in Russia and the UK. This degree will be valuable not only for those who are planning to start or continue an academic career but also for those who are interested in obtaining applied knowledge of economics, political and social development of Eastern Europe and Central Asia countries. Saint-Petersburg School of Social Sciences and Area Studies governs the programme. The school adheres to the idea that immersion in a particular country's environment is an integral element of studying post-Soviet space. That is why graduate students will have a chance to have an internship and do field research in post-Soviet countries.»

The new joint programme is not the only collaborative projects between HSE St. Petersburg and University College London. UCL and HSE are also international academic  partners, so students can study at the partner university. Besides, UCL students come to HSE University - Saint Petersburg under tailor-made programmes for Russian language learning and study on a double degree master's programme in Finance


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