The International Polytechnic Winter School on energy launches new modules


The energy cluster of the International Polytechnic Winter School is expanding every year. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, in 2021 the organizers prepared three new modules: Power ElectronicsRenewable EnergyEnergy Efficiency, and Sustainable Development they are taking place along with already popular Energy TechnologyTurbomachineryElectrical EngineeringOil & Gas in Energy Industry и Digitalization in the Energy Industry.

All classes are online. More than 50 international students from Italy, Indonesia, India, China, Belgium, Djibouti, and Latin America joined in this winter. Professors give lectures via video link, using presentations and materials are prepared in advance. Students can ask follow-up questions during tutorials, which are also part of this year’s schedule for the International Polytechnic Winter School of Energy.

“I would greatly lie if I say that during the recruitment of foreign students during the pandemic there were no difficulties,” - commented the coordinator of the International Polytechnic Winter School of Energy Ekaterina Sokolova. “previously, participants had to allocate a certain amount of time for school - for them, it was a real journey, in which they were fully immersed not only in their studies but also in the atmosphere and culture of the city. Now many are busy with other things - some are taking exams, some are working, some have a vacation trip planned. So many postpone participation in the school until a better, more ‘open’ time.”

Even with time constraints and closed borders, international students actively participate in international programs of SPbPU, and despite the time zone difference, try to connect to live broadcasts to listen to lectures and complete tasks as a group. And, of course, an obligatory component of the International Polytechnic Winter School, the cultural program, awaits all of them. Many students were disappointed that in connection with the pandemic they would not be able to visit St. Petersburg in person. Accustomed to many winter walks in the Northern Capital was decided to hold online. Volunteers of Polytechnic University shot several videos, which spoke about the history of St. Petersburg, and conducted a tour of the Russian Museum, showing the famous paintings of Russian artists. The foreign participants have on schedule an excursion to the Hermitage, a virtual walk through the city center, and even a broadcast from Peterhof.


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