LETI Launched a Career Guidance Campaign for International Enrolees

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More than 80 international students of the LETI Preparatory Department got acquainted with the university programs, decided on their future profession, and discussed the issues of adaptation in Russia at the meetings of the International Students Office.

On February 10, International Students Office held a series of meetings to involve international students of the Preparatory Department in the life of LETI. As part of the events, participants raized a wide range of issues that affect students' stay in Russia.

They discussed topics that should help applicants to find a better way in life: to plan everything in such a way that study would bring maximum value both for an international student and the university. International Students Office staff discussed with students issues of adaptation in the Russian culture and new rules of migration legislation and launched a competition for knowledge of St. Petersburg sights.

The main purpose of the meetings was career guidance for students of the Preparatory Department. More than 80 students took part in the event and were divided into groups, so as not to put them at risk during a pandemic. International Students Office holds such meetings several times a year to help students decide on their future profession and get acquainted with all possible levels and areas of training in the LETI educational programs.

"Such career guidance meetings are very important because it is at the preparatory stage is crucial to make the right choice and study successfully and eagerly."

Alexandra Kilina, Head of the Preparatory Department of at LETI

Future students learned about the specifics of the second-semester curriculum at the Preparatory Department, further possible trajectories at the university, and programs that they were interested in. There was a dialogue and a questionnaire on plans to enter and study at LETI.

Graduates of the Preparatory Department have the opportunity to continue their studies at the university with scholarships by participating in competitions for international students, such as the Gazprom Olympiad.

"Since we are interested in ensuring that the most successful and motivated graduates of the Preparatory Department continue their education in LETI's undergraduate and graduate programs, it is important for us to be in contact with the students and understand their needs and interests. According to the results of the survey, we see that about 70% of students plan to continue their studies at LETI; the most demanded areas are "Software Engineering," "Linguistics," and "Bioengineering Systems and Technologies," said Maria Titarenko, manager of the International Students Office at LETI.

In the end, the participants took tests on engineering and technology subjects to determine the level of knowledge of students and to help teachers of the Preparatory Department in choosing methods and topics of classes.

"During the pandemic, many of our international students studied remotely. This clearly did not help them better adapt to life in Russia and the requirements for studying at LETI. We very much hope that things will gradually return to normal. The role of face-to-face career guidance events is very important. Face-to-face communication opens up many more opportunities to help our future applicants and our university together with them on the right path!"

Renat Yalyshev, Head of the International Students Office at LETI

In the spring, it is planned to show students the departments and laboratories so that they can see the prospects of studying in the LETI programs with their own eyes.


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