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SPbPU Rector Became Honorary Doctor of City, University of London


On July 16, the rector of SPbPU, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Andrei I. Rudskoi, received an honorary doctorate from the City, University of London. About
a thousand spectators gathered at a ceremony in London.

City, University of London was founded in 1894 – only five years earlier than Polytechnic University. The universities share a similar academic life, although they developed in different countries and political conditions. Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and City, University of London have been partnering for 50 years. In 1995, the first cooperation agreement was signed, and in 2014, City, University of London officially became a strategic partner of SPbPU. Now the universities are actively interacting in the framework of educational and scientific activities and academic mobility.

Earlier, the honorary doctorates of City, University of London were awarded to the Nobel Prize winner Academician Zhores Alferov, who had worked at Polytechnic University
for a long time, and the president of SPbPU, Academician Mikhail Fedorov. Professor Ludwik Finkelstein, the initiator of the partnership of two universities, became Honorary Doctor
of Polytechnic University, along with the former Vice-Chancellor Professor David Rhind, Professor Dinos Arcoumanis, Professor Sanowar Khan, the President of the City, University of London, Sir Paul Curran.

The official award ceremony in the honor of Andrei I. Rudskoi was chaired by the Rector of City, University of London, Professor, Sir Drummond Bona. President of the University Sir Paul Karran greeted the audience and then introduced and congratulated Andrei I. Rudskoi.
He noted that SPbPU is a key partner of City, University of London in Russia, and wished: «I am confident that SPbPU colleagues will continue to work in order to contribute to an outstanding academic community in which scientists and students can develop further and reach the top».

At the ceremony at City, University of London, Andrei I. Rudskoi admitted that this award was not only his personal achievement, it was the result of the long-term and fruitful cooperation of the entire teaching staff of Peter the Great St. Petersburg University and his colleagues from City, University of London. He said, «I am very pleased that the strategic partner and associate of our university is City, University of London. We cooperate in the field of information systems and mathematical modeling; we develop the first joint Russian-British graduate program in the field of intelligent systems. It is a great honor for me to receive an honorary doctorate from City, University of London, which is one of the world’s leading universities».

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SPbPU Rector Became Honorary Doctor of City, University of London
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