ETU “LETI” freshman took bronze in International Internet Olympiad in Chemistry


A first-year student of the Faculty of Information Measurement and Biotechnical Systems of ETU “LETI” took third place in the Open International Student Internet Olympiad in chemistry.

The second round of the Open International Student Internet Olympiad in physics, chemistry, and mathematics took place on March 27-28, 2020. Its participants, 1518 students from 165 universities of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan, won the first round.

Due to the current epidemiological situation, it was decided to hold the final round remotely. The participants had to pass Internet testing in their discipline. Nikita Subbotin, a first-year student of the Faculty of Information Measurement and Biotechnical Systems of ETU “LETI,” took third place in the Olympiad. Olga Rakhimova, Assistant Professor of the Department of Physical Chemistry, prepared the student for the competition, and the head of department Oksana Almasheva supervised the preparation.

The student told that he likes taking part in Olympiads in exact sciences, as evidenced by his experience in such competitions at various levels, from local to all-Russian. Every year, he managed to flawlessly pass to the city stage of the All-Russian School Olympiad in physics, mathematics, and chemistry, where he showed perfect results. Nikita also points out that his participation in the regional tour of competition in physics in the 11th grade helped him score the points needed to enter ETU “LETI.”

“During the quarantine, it was quite entertaining to participate in the Internet Olympiad. It was an excellent opportunity to gather my thoughts and test my knowledge. There were two rounds of 12 tasks from different topics, some of them exclusively tested knowledge in the area, and some involved tasks to with reactions and subsequent calculations. It was also interesting to conduct reactions remotely.” - Nikita Subbotin, the first-year student of the Faculty of Information Measurement and Biotechnical Systems of ETU “LETI”

The first stage of the Olympiad took place in the university's IT classroom. As Nikita notes, it was simpler than the second, but the time to solve the first 12 tasks too short (instead of the usual three hours they had slightly over an hour) because the tour took place during class time. In Nikita’s opinion, he was not the best at this stage, but the second remote tour changed everything.

Since his admission to ETU “LETI,” Nikita took part in extra chemistry courses conducted by Olga Rakhimova, Assistant Professor of the Department of Physical Chemistry. She notes that the freshman has a sufficiently high level of knowledge to continue successful participation in the Olympiads.

“Before the Internet Olympiad, Nikita took part in regional and university Olympiads in chemistry. The second law of Hegel’s dialectics of the passage of quantitative changes into qualitative changes is still in force. I believe, in this case, we have yet another confirmation of its accuracy. This is the first time that the ETU “LETI” team has participated in the Internet Olympiad in chemistry, so it is particularly gratifying that the first experience gave such a result. I think the key to Nikita’s successful performance is based on three points: excellent knowledge of the fundamentals of chemistry, thoughtfulness, and aspiration to a high result”. - Olga Rakhimova, Assistant Professor of the Department of Physical Chemistry

Nikita is interested in the process of studying at the university, so he tries to do well in all disciplines, which he succeeds to do. His spare time is devoted to exercises on climbing walls.

Department of Physical Chemistry of ETU “LETI” carries out systematic work to prepare students for competitions. To prepare students, the department offers weekly extra classes for students planning to take part in the Olympiads throughout the academic year. There are usually typical tasks since every Olympiad where students participate has its specifics. This term, there was the experience of laboratory research. Even during quarantine, professors develop educational materials for the distance learning of students.

Since the spring term of 2019, a credit system was introduced for the evaluation of students' work during the term in chemistry. The system includes additional points for active participation in the study of the discipline, so the students have the opportunity to increase their total marks by taking part in the Olympiads.

“We are all connected with the chemical science, progress in knowledge of the world around us, new methods of its reconstruction and improvement. There can’t be a specialist nowadays who could do without the knowledge of chemistry,” – Nikolay Semenov, a Russian scientist, one of the founders of chemical physics, claimed.


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