HSE University – St. Petersburg Launches Three New Double Degree Tracks


In late May HSE campus in St. Petersburg finalized the negotiations with three foreign partner universities to launch three new double degree tracks on the Master’s level.

Master students in Global and Regional History (admissions open) now have an opportunity to be selected for the double degree track to obtain not only the HSE degree, but also that of the University of Torino in Area and Global Studies for International Cooperation (AGIC). The AGIC programme adds strong regional focus on Italy, the Mediterranean and the post-colonial Africa, Asia, and the Americas to the HSE University – St. Petersburg History MA, and is aimed at providing all necessary skills for work in international cooperation and global and interdisciplinary area studies. ‘An important breakthrough for our MA students,’ called this Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov, the academic head of the MA in Global and Regional History.

It allows students not merely attend classes as visiting students, but get an MA degree from a world-class West European university without having to compete for its placement and funding – says Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov, programme Academic Supervisor, Master's programme 'Global and Regional History'

The track will be open for 2 or more best students selected by the Programme Board of MA in Global and Regional History on the basis of their academic performance and motivation. The double degree mobility will take place within the second year of the programme and will be concluded with a thesis defense either at HSE University – St. Petersburg or the University of Torino.

Master programme in Comparative Politics of Eurasia will launch a new double degree track with Master in European and International Studies at University of Trento. The track will be open for 2 best students who are going to be selected by the Programme Board on the basis of their academic merits and motivation. The students who will successfully finish their studies both at HSE and UniTrento will be eligible for two degrees. This is the second double degree track with University of Trento in St. Petersburg School of Social Sciences and Asian Studies. The school already has a double degree track with UniTrento at its Master in Modern Social Analysis programme. Master in European and International Studies at University of Trento annually gathers top domestic and international students and has a pronounced multidisciplinary approach supplied with research-led teaching. University of Trento is one of top young universities, top 100 best world’s universities in Sociology and top 200 in Social Research.

The students of Master in Finance will have an opportunity to be selected for the double degree track to obtain not only the degree of HSE, but also the degree in Finance of Univaasa. The Master’s Degree Progamme in Finance of Univaasa is designed to provide students with the knowledge of finance and financial analysis theory from an international perspective and includes an overview of corporate finance, investments, and option pricing.

The track is open for 2 best students that are going to be selected by the Programme Board of Master in Finance based on their academic merits and motivation. Double Degree Programme students will have a chance to spend the second year at Univaasa and will be eligible for two degrees if they successfully finish their studies at both universities. The first year (2020-2021) of the double degree programme implementation is funded by the FIRST+.

Three double degree tracks are available for the students starting from the 2020 admissions. All the double degree tracks are delivered in English and available both for domestic and international students at HSE University – St. Petersburg.


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