Learn how to manage technological innovations at the new master’s program at ETU “LETI”


Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" launches new English-taught master's program Technology Innovation Management.

The program Technology Innovation Management aims to provide in-depth training for qualified specialists in creating new products and managing innovative projects and processes.

During the course, Master's students will acquire knowledge in the commercialization of scientific developments and technology transfer, skills in project management, business process modeling, marketing, and strategic management in technological innovations. Students will learn to work with modern approaches and tools to analyze management solutions and create new products: lean manufacturing, Agile, Big Data, Business Intelligence.

The curriculum of the program includes more than 20 disciplines: Basics of Cyber-Physical Systems Management, Methods of Scientific Research, Financial and Economic Fundamentals of Business Process Modeling, Intellectual Property Management, Innovative Computer Science and Software Engineering, International Business Environment, and others.

The new master's program is implemented by the Department of Innovation Management of the Institute of Innovative Design and Technological Entrepreneurship together with the Department of Robotics and Automation of Industrial Automation, Department of Quality Systems Management, and Department of Philosophy. The head of the program is Professor Irina Brusakova, Head of the Department of Innovative Management, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

"This program is unique because it allows students to master modern and promising approaches for managing innovative projects, develop creative thinking, communication, and presentation skills. It presents a variety of methods and models of assessing the readiness of ICT-infrastructures of knowledge enterprises for digital transformation, technologies of startups design in the context of open innovations, and the basics of innovation commercialization." - Irina Brusakova, Head of the Department of Innovative Management, the head of the program Technology Innovation Management

The English-taught master's degree program includes short- and long-term internships and double degree programs with the Zealand – Academy of Technologies (Denmark) and the University of Piraeus (Greece). Students will also be able to take part in international seasonal schools at ETU "LETI," which combine the acquisition of professional competence and acquaintance with the culture of St. Petersburg.

"Successful completion of the program will give the graduate a competitive advantage in the labor market and will allow him to get an interesting and prestigious job in leading Russian and international companies. The Masters will be able to participate in the digital transformation of companies, conduct the audit and regulation of business processes integrated into a mature digital infrastructure." - Irina Brusakova, Head of the Department of Innovative Management, the head of the program Technology Innovation Management

The master's program Technology Innovation Management is designed for Bachelors who have a degree in engineering or economic areas and want to develop skills in project management of engineering tasks.

The documents are submitted remotely via the ETU "LETI" applicant account.


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