Non-degree programmes of SPbU: the new enrolment of students starts in December


St Petersburg University offers a wide choice of programmes that will help specialists: acquire and improve existing skills; and acquire new skills sets and professional development opportunities. For entrants, this is an effective preparation for successful admission to a university. Admission into different language learning courses at various levels of proficiency (from basic to advanced) has also been announced.

The content of each programme provides: up-to-date teaching techniques; uniquely designed courses; theoretical and practical courses; explanations of all the main notions and concepts; an interesting and comprehensible presentation of teaching materials; and workshops. Course authors and lecturers are leading professors and associate professors, practitioners and experts, and native speakers. Classes are held according to a convenient timetable which makes it possible to combine studying with the main work or study.

General educational programmes

There is a wide choice of language courses: from Romance and Germanic languages to rarer oriental languages such as Arabic, Japanese, and Turkish. During classes, the following methods are used: doing exercises for mastering grammar; listening to audio content; reading and translating thematic and abstract texts; and discussing what has been read in the target language.

During the training, students acquire: key linguistic and intercultural skills; knowledge and skills sufficient for oral and written communication and passing exams at the appropriate level. At the end of each course, students will be able to: understand certain language structures; expand their vocabulary; understand speech and written texts by native speakers; and translate basic texts.

Retraining and further training programmes

Students will be able to: expand their fundamental knowledge within their chosen field; optimise their learning time; and acquire new skills. Programmes are focused on specific language areas, management and law, and natural sciences. Also, special programmes are provided for lecturers and researchers working in universities.

Preparation for university entrance

The programmes are designed by leading lecturers at St Petersburg University and target high school students and applicants. They are focused on: in-depth and results-oriented studying of the content and structure of the Unified State Exam; and effective preparation for passing exams with high scores and admission to the best higher educational institutions in Russia.

Each course provides not only the acquisition of theoretical material, but also its competent practical application. During the classes, students study in depth key topics and do practice tests from all parts of the exam (in accordance with the examination paper). Lecturers indicate the principal causes of mistakes, teach non-standard approaches to solving problems of increased complexity, and develop in students skills of psychological stability and individual work during the exam. The questions that arise are discussed in group sessions or individually.

If students pass the final assessment tests, they are issued a certificate in the standard form established by St Petersburg University.


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