“Russian Studies” – a modern look at the historical past, present and future of Russia


St Petersburg University has announced the admission to the bachelor's programme ‘Russian Studies’. It will be of interest to applicants who are attracted to the in-depth study of political, historical and cultural processes in Russia.

In 2020, the admission to the programme is available not only for international students, but also for citizens of the Russian Federation. Academic courses will be taught in two languages: English and Russian.

The programme focuses on: studying the main approaches to the definition of Russia as an object and subject of world history; and developing an unbiased assessment of its role on the world stage. The learning process is based on an interdisciplinary approach and contains new areas of humanitarian knowledge. Students will receive a holistic view of Russia, its cultural, historical and geopolitical features. They will also study issues related to the formation of Russian civilisation.

The enrolment to the programme is based on the results of the Unified State Exam in: Russian; social science; and history. Detailed information and admission policies can be found on the website of the Admissions Committee of St Petersburg University.

Among the main areas of study are: culture and art; geography and territories; population: multinational and multiconfessional Russia; the political structure of the country; and the state language, its preservation and development. Acknowledged experts in history, regional studies, museology and sightseeing business will provide training to students. The acquired competencies will make it possible to develop a fresh angle on the diversity of social phenomena in Russia. Exploring the country's original past, students will be able to evaluate its current status, analyse various processes and explain them.

The State Hermitage Museum, the State Museum of the History of St Petersburg, the Russian Museum, the library of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Russian State Historical Archive are among well-known sites that are available for practical training. There is also a system of support for international academic mobility in cooperation with large universities of: the Republic of Belarus; Bulgaria; Germany; Norway; and other countries. Graduates of the programme may pursue a career in: museums and libraries; science; tourism; cultural and educational institutions; and other fields.


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