SPbPU Ranks Top in Holding International Summer and Winter Schools


According to the results of monitoring carried out within the framework of the federal project “Export of Education” of the national “Education” Project, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University became the leader among Russian universities in conducting international summer and winter schools. Experts from the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) praised the high potential and significant outcomes of the international Polytechnic summer and winter schools in the results of surveying of the advancement of seasonal schools. In 2018, along with Polytechnic University, the top five organizers of international summer and winter schools included RUDN, ITMO University, Synergy University, and Yeltsin Ural Federal University.

“The format of summer and winter schools for foreign students is a set of activities that includes an advanced educational program, rich cultural part, attractive and comfortable learning and living conditions. It’s been several years now that the SPbPU International Polytechnic Summer School is the largest in Russia. In 2019, about 1000 participants came to us. It is noteworthy that students come to us not only from neighboring countries, but also from such far-away countries as Australia, Japan, Korea and others,” said Olga Emelyanova, Head of the SPbPU Department of International Educational Programs and Academic Mobility.

The brand of the International Polytechnic Summer and Winter Schools attracts students from leading world universities: Cambridge (Great Britain), Tsinghua University (China), Meiji University (Japan) and many others. At a press conference on “The Potential of International Summer and Winter Schools in Solving the Tasks of the National Education Project: What the Survey Results Show,” which took place at the Rossiya Segodnya MIA in December, the experts specifically discussed the idea of creating a citywide student accommodation service; as Olga EMELYANOVA, Head of the Department of International Programs and Academic Mobility, noted, St. Petersburg has the necessary potential to become the summer school capital.

Quite soon, Polytechnic University will launch the International Polytechnic Winter School: the university plans to host about 500 foreign participants. They will be trained in 16 educational programs in 8 areas, including engineering, natural sciences, information and energy technologies, the Russian language and culture.

The flagship of the 2020 season was the Two Capitals program, which SPbPU is implementing in partnership with RUDN University. A package of three options was developed for the participants. In the first case, they choose a technical course at Polytechnic University, and then go to study Russian at RUDN University. In the other two, they begin with studying the “Business in Russia” or “Russian language and culture” courses in St. Petersburg, and then go to Moscow. Another course that SPbPU is implementing together with another Russian university, MISiS, for the first time is Machine Learning. Thus, participants in these programs have a unique opportunity to study in several top Russian universities during one winter school.


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