SPbU takes part in the establishment of a multiuniversity in the Far East


A memorandum to establish a digital multiuniversity in the Far East has been signed by: St Petersburg University; Moscow State University; Sakhalin State University; the National Research University Higher School of Economics; and 11 other Russian universities. The ceremony was held online live with the participation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Valery Falkov and heads of universities.

‘At present, cooperation among universities located in different regions of our vast country is gaining ground. For students of Sakhalin State University, a window opens into the world of new knowledge in the most demanded areas of professional training. Additionally, the strengthening of university integration will further the goals of the national projects «Science» and "Education"’, said the Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Valery Falkov in his welcome speech to the participants of the memorandum signing ceremony.

While studying at Sakhalin State University, students of the multiuniversity will be able to simultaneously major in other fields, which are in demand in the region, at the top Russian universities under the double-degree programme. One of the tasks of the new structure is to provide advanced professional training of highly qualified personnel for enterprises in the Sakhalin Region and the entire Far East. This year, 350 students of Sakhlin State University will be able to study under the double-degree programme. In the future, the number of places is planned to be increased to 500.

Now a country-sized project is being launched, and we are happy that the largest universities in St Petersburg are involved in the multiuniversity project. In my opinion, such progressive forms are the thing of our future. Whatever the location of students and teachers is, a single educational complex is being created. - Vladimir Knyaginin, Vice Governor of St Petersburg

The Far Eastern Multiuniversity will bring together Russian regions, universities, and enterprises to implement the cutting-edge academic programmes and scientific initiatives. Students, doctoral students, and teachers — no matter where they live — will have equal access to advanced technologies and innovative methods of leading research centres in Russia and the world. The memorandum is open for joining, and in the future the list of its participants can be expanded.

The memorandum is very different from other similar documents. First of all, it is its pragmatic approach and the fact that it is based on real projects. St Petersburg University believes in its success and expresses hope for fruitful joint work, - Sergey Mikushev, Vice-Rector for Research of St Petersburg University

It should be noted that it is not the first year that St Petersburg University has been cooperating with Sakhalin State University under the double-degree programme. Students on the Island of Sakhalin master such popular programmes of St Petersburg University as: ‘Resources and Economy of the World Ocean’; ‘Biology and Bioinformatics’; and ‘International Law: Asia Pacific Region’. These programmes will provide the basis for interaction between St Petersburg University and Sakhalin State University within the framework of the multiuniversity. In the future, the list of such programmes and other joint academic and research projects may be expanded.


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