SPbU and Rossotrudnichestvo launch a joint educational project “Gaining knowledge at home”


During the current coronavirus pandemic, St Petersburg University is developing new distance learning projects to support educators in foreign countries. It is of the utmost importance that we help teachers to obtain information about modern teaching methods. Therefore, St Petersburg University, together with the Russian Federal Agency Rossotrudnichestvo, is launching an educational project ‘Gaining knowledge at home’.

As part of this project, free webinars will be conducted by St Petersburg University experts. Thematically, the webinars will focus on teaching methodologies for teaching various subjects, including the Russian language. The first series of webinars will examine the issues in teaching Russian as a foreign language. Additionally, a separate series of webinars will be tailored to focus on teaching methods, topical issues of pedagogy, and specific instructional strategies for teaching other subjects: chemistry; biology; physics; and others. The speaker and moderator of this programme of webinars is Professor Elena I. Kazakova, Director of the Institute of Pedagogy at St Petersburg University.

For information regarding the programme schedule and webinar registration, please visit the website of the Language Testing Centre of St Petersburg University.

The academic staff of the Institute of Pedagogy at St Petersburg University are training specialists who will have academic and professional qualifications to meet modern requirements in education, as well as competencies associated with the challenges of working with gifted and talented students.

The University scholars have extensive experience and expertise in teaching Russian as a foreign language. They provide instructional support and guidance to teachers of Russian as a foreign language both in Russia and abroad. The project ‘Gaining knowledge at home’ aims to help learners to update their knowledge of the Russian language. It will contribute to overcoming the challenges faced by teachers at every stage of the education process. During the webinars, the experts will respond to the audience questions.

For more information about the project, please visit the Rossotrudnichestvo website.

The organisers of the ‘Gaining knowledge at home’ project plan to introduce some highly specialised topics, such as ‘Emotional background of teaching Russian as a foreign language; what, why and how?’ On the other hand, they also offer topics targeted at learners who seek to develop their key skills and competencies: ‘Digital pedagogy: past, present and future’. The webinar will enable the participants to build their professional knowledge and upgrade their teaching practice.


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