St Petersburg University starts an online course on the history of Russia in China


St Petersburg University has posted the first part of the History of Russia online course on the Chinese educational platform XuetangX. Since its launch in 2018 on the Open edX national platform, it has generated constant interest from Russian students. It is one of the most popular online courses at St Petersburg University.

The course ‘History of Russia’ has been designed by leading lecturers of the Institute of History at St Petersburg University. It covers the period from ancient times and the emergence of statehood in Russia to the political developments of present-day Russia in the 21st century. After listening to all the lectures, interested Chinese students will be able to understand better: Russian culture; the laws of historical development; and the complex international political processes that took place in Russia at different stages of its development.

‘At the very beginning of negotiations with representatives of the XuetangX platform, our Chinese colleagues said that they would be interested in such a course. There are many people in China who would like to get acquainted with the history of Russia,’ said Vladimir Starostenko, Director of the Centre of E-Learning Development at St Petersburg University. ‘The University implements a high-quality online course “History of Russia”, which is included in our own learning process. It was decided therefore to translate it into Chinese. St Petersburg University specialists translated presentations and illustrative material, and they subtitled the video. It took about six months to complete the entire job. We are confident that this online course will be in demand among the Chinese audience.’

At present, the XuetangX platform offers the online course ‘Mathematical Game Theory’. Also, there is a series of special courses ‘Russian as a Foreign Language: From Zero to A1’. It consists of four courses that will help to develop the initial skills in oral and written communication.


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