Summer Digest from the SPbPU Representative Office in Shanghai


Several high-profile events took place in the activities of the SPbPU Representative Office in Shanghai in June and July. Employees of the Shanghai office, together with colleagues from the Polytechnic University International Office, took part in a series of negotiations with the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences on the launch of a joint project, discussed promising lines of research with employees of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, and approved plans to create a joint institute with Xi'an Technological University. Read about this and more in our traditional news digest.

Cooperation agreement with the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences

Last June, SPbPU and the Research Center of Eco-Environmental Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (R&DI of Eco-Environmental Sciences, CAS) signed a cooperation agreement. This event was preceded by a series of online negotiations on the launch of a joint project for wastewater treatment using membrane and ferrate technologies. Natalya Politaeva, Professor of the Higher School of Hydraulic and Power Engineering Construction, Lu Zhyui, Head of the SPbPU Representative Office in Shanghai, Zheng LIBIN, Leading Researcher of the Research Institute of Ecology of the KAN, and other specialists took part in the videoconferences. Also, Russian and Chinese colleagues submitted an application to the competition for the best projects of fundamental scientific research, jointly held by the RFBR and the State Natural Science Foundation of China. In the next two years, the partners plan to implement a joint project with the support of the Fund.

Polytechnic University is a member of China’s largest international forum for the exchange of specialists CIEP-2020 in Shenzhen

Last June, Lu Zhiyu, Head of the SPbPU Representative Office in Shanghai, together with employees of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China, discussed the participation of Polytechnic University in the CIEP-2020 international forum. The event is taking place from July to November 2020 online and is China’s premier international science and technology exchange event for scientists and experts. Within the framework of the CIEP, universities and research centers present new promising innovative projects, for the further development or implementation of which it is necessary to combine the efforts of specialists from different countries of the world. Russia, taking part in the СIEP-2020 as a guest of honor, will present a large-scale exposition, which will include proposals from Russian organizations on joint research and development with the Chinese side, promising scientific and technological projects.

Negotiations on the promotion of SPbPU projects in Jiangsu province

The team of Polytechnic University took part in online negotiations with representatives of the Hebei University of Technology and the Jiangsu Province Industrial Technology Research Institute on joint promotion of Polytechnic University projects. The meeting was attended by a researcher at the Institute of Energy, Materials and Equipment of the Hebei University of Technology Ji PUGUAN and a leading manager of the International Cooperation Department of the Institute of Industrial Technology of Jiangsu Province Li Lianyi. The Russian side was represented by Professor of the Higher School of Physics and Materials Technology Oleg Tolochko, Head of the Department of International Scientific and Foreign Economic Relations Sergey Antonov, and Head of the SPbPU Representative Office in Shanghai Lu Zhiyui. The topic of the negotiations was the prospects of establishing a fund at the Institute of Industrial Research by the Department of Science and Technology of Jiangsu Province to modernize the industrial structure of the province. The Jiangsu provincial administration has a significant interest in the development of innovative projects. Hebei University of Technology and Polytechnic University have a great chance for productive cooperation in the field of materials and support of the province. During the video conference, the parties discussed the conditions for filing a joint application for participation in the grant competition and agreed that Russian-Chinese cooperation in this area has good prospects for all parties.

Polytechnic University is a participant of the conference to promote the investment project in Shanghai

At the end of June, SPbPU took part in a conference on the development of projects in the field of marine equipment, organized by the government of Shanghai Lingan District. Lu Zhiyui, Head of the Representative Office of SPbPU in Shanghai, presented the research achievements of Polytechnic University, as well as the “Multifunctional mobile robotic platform Kadet-M for the development of unmanned water transport” project, which is being developed at the SPbPU Center for the Development of Innovation Activities. More than 40 investment companies took part in the conference.

Negotiating joint grants

A series of negotiations on joint participation in grant competitions took place in June and July. SPbPU representatives met online with employees of the Energy Institute of South-Eastern University and discussed the possibilities of implementing a joint project to develop protection systems for regional distribution networks. Another negotiation was held jointly with the Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications. The participants discussed the implementation of a joint project on the “smart city” topic.

The parties plan to submit both projects within the framework of the competition for grants from the Russian Science Foundation for the “Conducting fundamental scientific research and exploratory research by international scientific teams” (together with the State Natural Science Foundation of China - NSFC).

Establishment of a joint institute of SPbPU and Xi'an University of Technology

Despite the current situation in the world, friendly relations between Polytechnic University and Xi’an University of Technology (STU) are dynamically developing. At the end of June, a videoconference was held on the establishment of the Joint Institute of SPbPU and STU. Representatives of the institutes and international services of both universities took part in it. The parties plan to submit documents for registration of the Institute to the Ministry of Education of China in autumn. At the last meeting, the colleagues discussed in detail the programs under development, disciplines and other issues. “We have a warm attitude towards our Russian partner. In the current situation, it is not easy for us to work together, but nothing could obstruct Polytechnic University and STU from working towards a common goal, which, in my opinion, should be successful and useful for both sides,” said Xue Hun, Head of the International Cooperation Department of STU.

The SPbPU Representative Office in Shanghai in online mode

The SPbPU Representative Office in Shanghai regularly conducts online consultations for applicants interested in entering Polytechnic University. They get introduced to the rules of admission, receive help with filling out an application for admission, preparing a package of documents, translating diplomas and certificates into Russian. Since applicants take exams in a new format, employees of the Representative Office also help them in this: they regularly advise future students on installing the application for passing entrance examinations, send out instructions and examples of assignments for preparation.


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