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On the second day of the Days of Polytechnic University in Berlin forum, the delegation of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, headed by its rector Andrei Rudskoi, had two working meetings. The visit to the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in Germany was devoted to the search for new partners among German industrial companies. The meeting with representatives of the Technical University of Berlin was aimed at strengthening long-standing business and companionate relations.

Search for new partners through a dialogue between universities and industry

An open discussion took place at the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Federal Republic of Germany; namely, “Russia-Germany: Digital Transformation. A Dialogue of Universities and Industry.” The participants discussed the role of Polytechnic University as a leading structure in the development and execution of the Technet Roadmap in the field of advanced production technologies. Cases and reports on the results of SPbPU activities were presented within the framework of the National Technology Initiative concept.

The trade representative of the Russian Federation in Germany Andrei Sobolev gave start to the meeting with the words: “Polytechnic University is a symbol and at the same time a litmus test of today’s Russian industry, which is international, aimed at removing borders, establishing mutually beneficial partnerships, and implementing innovative projects.” The representative of the trade headquarters mentioned that the Days of Polytechnic University in Berlin had successfully started its work yesterday, but today they smoothly picked up the wave and continued with an even more substantial practical component.

Rector of Polytechnic University, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Andrei Rudskoi emphasized that the competencies of engineers of Polytechnic University allow developing the latest production technologies in various fields, including automotive and aerospace technologies, engine building, shipbuilding, machine tool building and other industries. He noted: “One of the key tasks of our university is to ensure that the level of engineers who leave the walls of Polytechnic University meets the requirements of high-tech enterprises <...> I hope that today’s meeting will be just another step in expanding the interaction of German industry with our scientific research system at higher education institutions.”

Michael Harms, Director General of the Eastern Committee of German Economy, commented on the relevance of the open discussion topic. German companies are interested in cooperation with the Russian side, because of the priority advancement of the digital economy in Russia.

The moderator of the meeting was Oleg Rozhdestvensky, Head of the Directorate of the Center of the National Technology Initiative of SPbPU. Alexey Borovkov Vice Rector for Innovative Projects, Head of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) Center for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies of SPbPU, made the first report. He spoke about the activities of the NTI Competence Center of SPbPU. “The NTI Competence Center of SPbPU solves the problems of various sectors of the national and foreign high-tech industry. In our work, we use our own unique digital platform, which allows us to analyze up to 300 solutions of extra difficult tasks per day, thereby reducing the time of product entry to the market by tens of times, and compete with world leaders in global markets,” said Borovkov. Anatoliy Popovich, Director of Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Transport, and Mikhail Aleshin, Project office director of the Engineering Center “Computer Engineering Center” of SPbPU NTI Center, made reports on the SPbPU progress.

The developments of Polytechnic University are of interest to manufacturing companies. On the side of the German industry, the speakers at the discussion were Martin Gitzels, Vice President of Siemens in Russia; Peter Höhne, Managing Director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of East Thuringia; Markus J. Reigl, Head of Department Technical Regulation and Standardization, CT TIM RSQ, Siemens AG, etc.

The meeting marked the beginning of new business contacts, including with representatives of German universities, who also took part in the discussion “Russia-Germany: Digital Transformation. A Dialogue of Universities and Industry.”

Strengthening the strategic partnership of Polytechnic University with TU Berlin

Rector of Polytechnic University Andrei Rudskoi and President of the Technical University of Berlin Christian Thomsen re-signed the strategic partnership agreement. Two innovative technical universities have been collaborating for many years. Today, February 7, the parties confirmed their readiness to continue successful business relations by extending the partnership agreement.

At the signing ceremony, university leaders emphasized the high importance of cooperation for both universities. Rector of SPbPU Andrei Rudskoi noted: “In 2015, we already met at this university and laid foundations for our successful cooperation, which at the moment is already strategic <...> The Technical University of Berlin is one of the closest partners of our university. Today, we are actively cooperating in the main areas in which the best specialists are involved both from TU Berlin and Polytechnic University.”

In the framework of strategic cooperation, universities implement academic exchanges, develop joint training programs for graduate and postgraduate students, prepare applications for projects under the European HORIZONT 2020 program, conduct joint research and network projects involving industrial enterprises.

The meeting participants discussed the results and prospects of the strategic partnership between Polytechnic University and TU Berlin. A round table, where short reports were presented on the results of the joint work of the two universities, was held. Dr. Vyacheslav Potekhin, Dr. Klaus Brieß and Dr. Kristina Monchenko presented a joint research work in the field of Computer Science. Dr. Anton Krivtsov, Dr. Elena Vilchevskaya and Dr. Wolfgang Müller made a report on Theoretical Mechanics. Dr. Nikita Voinov and Dr. Anton Dybov presented a project on Computer Science. Dr. Nadezhda Bogdanova and Dr. Almut Schön presented the results of tandem project in the field of Linguistics. Dr. Nikita Lukashevich and Dr. Jan Kratzer presented a joint project in Economics. Dr. Alexandr Zharkovsky and Dr. Paul-Uwe Thamsen spoke about Fluid dynamics, and Dr. Sergei Volvenko and Dr. Michael Rethmeier - about Laser Welding.

At the same time, the European Forum of SPbPU Alumni was held at the Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin.


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