The grand opening of the Week of Russian Science and Technology


On September 8, within the framework of the 18th China International Exhibition and Conference on International Exchange of Professionals (CIEP 2020), the grand opening of the Week of Russian Science and Technology took place.

 China and Russia have announced 2020 and 2021 as the Years of Russian-Chinese Scientific and Technical Cooperation and Innovation. This is a strategic decision taken by the heads of state of Russia and China in view of the trend in the development of the international situation and the general picture of world scientific and technological development. Both countries use these thematic years as an opportunity to strengthen scientific and technical cooperation and joint training of professionals, to implement high-quality development through innovation.

 Within the framework of the Week of Russian Science and Technology, an online exposition, thematic online conferences, events promoting scientific projects and other events are organized. Today, staff members of the SUAI Department of International Affairs and the Center for Coordination of Scientific Research took part in the Russian-Chinese conference on scientific, technical and innovative cooperation in the field of advanced production technologies.

 At the conference, Director of the Center for Coordination of Scientific Research A.V. Rabin and leading specialist of the Center for Coordination of Scientific Research A.A. Petrushevskaya presented the project on technology for the purification of oily water with filters based on graphene sorbent, implemented under the Federal Target Program for Research and Development in Priority Areas of Development of the Scientific and Technological Complex of Russia for 2014-2020.


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