The Polytechnic became winners in three nominations Formula Student


The Polytech North Capital Motorsport team of Polytechnic University took part in the Russian stage of the Formula Student – FS Russia 2020 competition. The Polytechnic won prizes in three nominations: “Design Report” (first place), “Cost Report” (second place) and “Business Plan Presentation” (third place). These victories allowed the team to become one of the three leaders of the competition in the overall standings.

Formula Student is an international competition organized by the SAE Automotive Engineers Community and attended by university teams from around the world. The task of the participants is to design and build a racing car in accordance with the technical regulations. Nowadays, the Polytech North Capital Motorsport team of SPbPU is the first and only one in the North-West to announce its participation in this project.

From September17 to 20, the FS Russia 2020 competition took place on the premises of the former Bykovo airport in the Moscow Region. The Polytechnic University team took part in static disciplines. Deputy Captain of the North Capital Motorsport team, IPMM student Elena SHUNKINA explains: “Static disciplines include structure defense, cost report and business plan presentation. One of our main problems was that six out of eight participants who went to the competition had never traveled with the team. This was their first experience, so we were worried about the outcomes. Now we can say with confidence that everyone is great, and our main task is to prepare the guys for the new season and to show how the competitions are held, was a success.”

In defending the structure, the participants had to substantiate the purpose for which each particular technology is used and what calculations were performed to do this: this is how the teams show their level of theoretical preparedness. The teams also presented the final cost of the product and a business plan that could be offered to investors for starting a production.

“We presented the design of the vehicle, our technical solutions, technical and economic aspects of the production process and a business plan. In general, the tasks solved in our project are designing the fastest, most reliable and fuel-efficient vehicle, optimizing production time and cost, as well as creating a business model,” says aerodynamics designer, CFD engineer at Polytech North Capital Motorsport, student of IPMM Artem SEMENYUTA. He noted that it was interesting for him to communicate with experienced judges, get their advice, and also demonstrate his own successful design solutions.

As a result, the Polytechnic University team proved to be worthily at the competitions. The participants took first place in the “Design Report” category, second in the “Cost Report” and third in the “Business Plan Presentation”. In the overall standings, the Polytech North Capital Motorsport team was the third.


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