The Polytechnics captured “bronze” of the CASE-IN 2020 in the line of “Oil and Gas Business”


The final tough call of the 8th International Engineering Championship CASE-IN - one of the projects of the presidential platform “Russia - the Land of Opportunities” - this year took place in a mixed format: online and offline. Participants, including finalists of the Student League of the Championship, the League of Young Professionals and finalists from PAO T Plus, defended their cases remotely, while speakers and moderators were at the competition site in Moscow. Over the course of two days, 133 teams competed for prizes in seven industry areas: geological exploration, mining, metallurgy, oil and gas, petrochemistry, power generation and digital atom. The team of the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University “ArticFirst” won the “bronze” in the line of “Oil and Gas Business.”

   This year, the participants were offered an interesting and relevant case: “Development of hard-to-reach fields in Yamal. From the well to the consumer.” As it is well-known, the largest natural gas deposits are located on the Yamal Peninsula: about 20% of Russian reserves are concentrated here. However, its extraction is difficult due to the harsh climate (long cold winters with frosts down to -50 degrees Celsius and squally winds, and short cool summers), strong degree of paludification, widespread permafrost, as well as poorly developed transport and other infrastructure. The team of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University “ArticFirst”, whose motto is “Through ices to the stars!” Proposed an analysis of options for the development of hard-to-reach fields in Yamal using the example of the Gydan field. The bottom line was an integrated approach to field development, with the account of the specifics of the region and its needs.

At the start of the finals, our team closed the top 10 in the ranking of participating universities. However, a brilliant defense performance significantly increased the chances of winning. By the way, the only girl in the team was the captain of the team - Victoria VERBNIKOVA, 3rd year undergraduate student of the SPbPU Institute of Energy (IE). It is noteworthy that in the team, in addition to the captain and Nikolai PAVLOV, another representative of the Institute of Energy (the most experienced CASE-IN participant, who had already graduated from the university at the time of the final and was a full-time employee but did cancel his participation), there were students from other lines of the competition: Daniil ESMAN, a 2nd-year undergraduate at the Institute of Metallurgy, Materials and Transport (IMMiT), and Vadim GOLUBEV, a first-year graduate student at the Institute of Applied Mechanics and Mathematics (IPMM).

The jury pointed out that the team carried out a serious analysis of the initial data, was fluent in the material and operated with specific numbers. And there was a queue of those wishing to ask questions. Questions related to reactors, terms of implementation, production technology, as well as the economics of the entire project. When all the answers were received, it became clear that the Polytech team was among the leaders.


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