Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design

Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design

Saint Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design today is a multi-disciplinary educational complex which includes 2 higher schools, 18 Institutes, 2 colleges and 8 University preparatory schools. At the moment the University trains specialists at different educational levels in 249 programmes in design, engineering, the humanities, economics and pedagogy. The University provides education on a fee-paying basis and education on a scholarship basis from the federal budget resources. Different forms of education are available:

  • Full-time
  • Part-time (evening study)
  • Part-time
  • Part-time with distance-learning technologies.

'Culture and Art' Olimpiads for secondary and high school students

The University hosts an annual academic competition ‘Culture and Art? for students of the 5-11 forms that was approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Winners and runners-up of the academic competition enjoy exemptions when applying for many of the specialties.

Teaching Staff and Students

Nowadays there are about 16,000 students at SPbSUITD. High standards of professional education for the graduates are maintained by famous scientists and qualified university teachers. There are more than 300 doctors of science and 400 candidates of science, 10 honourary figures of science of the RF and more than 30 honourary figures of culture, higher education and members of creative unions – designers? union and artists? union.

Facilities and Resources

University complex consists of eight university buildings, most of them being in the historic city centre. There are also four students? dormitories and six countryside properties. Modern equipment of the departments, academic and research laboratories, lecture halls, experiment and test production workshops and industrial workshops of the research and production centre allow to deliver programmes of both vocational and higher professional education.

Scientific Activity

Scientists of SPbSUITD carry out fundamental and applied research, participate on a competition basis in a number of federal and ministry scientific programmes. There are 13 research laboratories and 4 research and education centres at the University. The University holds international, all-Russia and regional conferences annually. The University is the founder and publisher of three scientific journals.

International Activity

SPbSUITD is involved in active international cooperation and has more than 15 bilateral agreements with foreign educational institutions. Members of the teaching staff, undergraduate and postgraduate students of SPbSUITD participate in international conferences and internship programmes abroad, for instance, in Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Belgium, Finland, Poland, etc.



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