Pushkin Leningrad State University

Full name: Pushkin Leningrad State University

Acting rector: Anatoly G. Maklakov

Official site: http://lengu.ru/

E-mail: pushkin@lengu.ru

Phone: +7 (812) 466-65-58

Address: 10., St. Petersburg sh., Pushkin, St. Petersburg 196605

Admission help: +7 (812) 465-66-99, 451-94-42, 451-94-44

Metro station: Kupchino

Students are provided with dormitory

Pushkin Leningrad State University

Pushkin Leningrad State University is a university in Russia, located in Pushkin, Saint Petersburg. It was established in 1992 as Leningrad Oblast Pedagogical Institute. It provides training at all levels of post secondary education including bachelor degree, masters degree, PhD courses as well as vocational training and continuing education courses. In 1999 the university was given its current name after the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

It comprises the following Faculties:

  • Faculty of Economics and Investment
  • Faculty of Psychology
  • Faculty of Philology
  • Faculty of Special Education and Social Work
  • Faculty of History and Social Science
  • Faculty of Physical Education
  • Faculty of Philosophy Culture Studies and Arts
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Studies
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Natural Science Geography and Tourism
  • Faculty of Foreign Language

as well as 12 branches (institutes) and vocational college

It is currently one of the largest classical universities in Russia