Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Full name: Institute of Oriental Manuscripts of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Director: Irina F. Popova

Official site: http://www.orientalstudies.ru/eng/

E-mail: iom@orientalstudies.ru

Phone: +7 (812) 315-87-28

Address: 191186, St. Petersburg, Palace Embankment, 18

Admission help: +7

Metro station: Nevskiy prospekt


The processing and study of mss collections kept at the IOM remains the core of the academic activities and research projects of the Institute's scholars.

The collection of manuscripts and early printed books consists of more than 100 thousand items in 65 living and dead languages such as Abyssinian (Ethiopian), Arabic, Armenian, Georgian, Hebrew, Chinese, Korean, Kurdish, Manchurian, Mongolian, Persian and Tajik, Sanskrit and Sogdian, Turkic, Tangut, Tibetan, Uigur, Japanese, etc. The IOM has also the Archives of the Orientalists that contains some extremely valuable documents on the history of the Oriental Studies in Russia. It includes manuscripts and xylographs 

The Institute possesses a specialized library of books, exceeding 800 thousand volumes, on various branches of Oriental studies. The collection of books in languages of the peoples of the former USSR especially those issued in the 30s is also of a great value.

The Institute runs doctoral programs. Its Dissertation Council has the right to consider PhD and Habilitation theses written in the area of history and source criticism.

The admittance to the postgraduate study is obtained by Masters of Arts on the basis of the passing through the exams in basic disciplines.

These are the areas of post-graduate study:

  • 07.00.03 – General history
  • 07.00.09 – Historiography
  • 09.00.13 – Philosophy and history of religion, philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture
  • 10.01.02 – Literature of peoples of the Russian Federation 10.01.03 – Literature of peoples of the foreign countries
  • 10.01.09 – Folklore studies
  • 10.02.02 – Languages of peoples of the Russian Federation
  • 10.02.22 – languages of peoples of the countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, natives of America and Australia.

Regions of research: the Near East, Middle East, Far East, Central Asia.


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