全名: 圣彼得堡国立建筑工程大学

校长: Igor A. Narkevich

官方网站: https://spcpu.ru/

电子邮件: rectorat.main@pharminnotech.com

电话号码: +7 (812) 499-39-00

地址: 14 Professor Popova str., St. Petersburg, 197376

入学帮助: +7 (812) 499-39-20

地铁站 Petrogradskaya



Saint Petersburg State Chemical Pharmaceutical University (SPCPA) was founded in 1919 and is now the oldest institution of higher pharmaceutical education in Russia. The University has been training international students for over 50 years. The graduates of the University work in more than 30 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The University has available necessary classroom facilities and laboratories, nurseries of medicinal plants, reading rooms, up-to-date apparatus and equipment for research, computer classes, hooked up to the Internet. At present foreign citizens from 21 countries are taught at the University, making up 25% of the whole number of students. They include students from Syria, Morocco, Egypt, Tunis, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Greece, Turkey, Pakistan, Tanzania, Kenya, Venezuela, Peru, China, and others.

The University is the leading higher educational establishment in the field of general and industrial pharmacy, having the highest rating among institutions of higher pharmaceutical education in Russia. 75% of the faculty members have PhD and DSc degrees. They include great scientists widely known both in Russia and abroad. The departments and research laboratories (sectors) of the University carry on investigations in various fields of applied and fundamental sciences related to pharmacy.


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