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On January 28, ETU "LETI" opened two new facilities for research and education: an anechoic chamber for antenna measurements and a circuit design laboratory.


At the opening of the anechoic chamber, Viktor Sheludko, Rector of ETU "LETI," welcomed everyone. He stressed the facility's uniqueness and opportunities for research demanded by the high-tech industry that it provides.

"Today, we are opening a unique facility, a special chamber for antenna research in the wide frequency range. Modern communication, radiolocation, and navigation systems use complex solutions at ever-higher frequencies. That is why we are developing, among other things, the control and measurement equipment. We introduce the facility with complex engineering infrastructure, communications, external shielding metal housing, and special radio absorbing panels. The uniqueness of the anechoic chamber for researchers lies in the great possibilities for measurements» - said Viktor Sheludko, Rector of ETU "LETI"

ETU "LETI" has advanced technologies in signal processing, electronic components, and state-of-the-art research equipment. The rector emphasized that the university has an important task to become a reference point for researchers, engineers, experts from manufacturing, scientific companies, and leading universities. The anechoic chamber will be part of the Center of Collective Use for Measurements and Research, Certification of Devices and Systems created at the university. Ten million rubles for the construction were allocated within the Project 5-100.

Dmitry Kuznetsov, Deputy Director of the Akmetron company, noted that ETU "LETI" is one of the leading universities, creating and developing antenna systems for radio communication.

"Creating an antenna measuring complex based on an anechoic chamber is a significant decision, which will allow the university to keep up with the times, create modern antenna systems, artificial intelligence, wireless communications, and much more. For many engineers and students, this can be the starting point for breakthrough solutions and experimental testing of hypotheses. We are always happy to cooperate with universities, to see that universities receive the latest high-tech equipment. We will definitely continue and expand our cooperation" said Dmitry Kuznetsov, Deputy Director of the Akmetron company.

Victor Ushakov, Head of the Department of Theoretical Foundations of Radio Engineering of ETU "LETI," Director of the Research Institute of Radio Engineering and Telecommunications, told about the university's traditions in radio engineering. He said that the opening of the anechoic chamber is also a gift for the 75th anniversary of the Faculty of Radio Engineering, which was not celebrated because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A complex for antenna measurement based on a near-field scanner is deployed in the chamber, functioning in the 1.7-40 GHz range. A group of researchers headed by Yury Salomatov, Head of the Branch of the Research Institute of Radio Engineering and Telecommunications of ETU "LETI" at Siberian Federal University, developed the complex.

On January 28, ETU "LETI" also opened a circuit design laboratory at the Department of Electronics. Students will study and develop analog and digital equipment there. Viktor Sheludko, Rector of ETU "LETI," told at the opening ceremony that the university adopted a strategic development program and defined the main directions and competencies a year ago. Among the priorities are improving the quality of education and research, creating a comfortable environment for working and teaching students.

"The laboratory is a successful example of implementing the program that we have adopted. Future highly-qualified engineers need to work with the appropriate equipment. ETU "LETI" students and graduates should be perfectly proficient in digital technologies," the ETU "LETI" rector emphasized at the opening.

Nikolai Potrakhov, Head of the Department of Electronic Instruments and Devices at ETU "LETI," and professor of the department Andrey Ukhov noted the importance of opening the laboratory for teaching third- and fourth-year students of the department.

"In our new lab, all workstations are equipped with a modern digital oscilloscope, power supply, digital signal generator, multimeter, and lab bench. The teacher can use a webcam and a projector to demonstrate the assembly of an electronic circuit, which will allow all students to see all the nuances and build a workable electronic device on their own. In this way, already at the university, the students get to know their future profession and become in-demand specialists at different enterprises involved in the development and production of electronics» said Nikolai Potrakhov, Head of the Department of Electronic Instruments and Devices at ETU "LETI"

The new modern laboratory was established due to the increasing number of students studying circuit design and the need for additional equipment. The purchase of equipment and repair work were funded by Project 5-100 and the department's funds.


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