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nstitute of Macromolecular Compounds was founded in 1948 by the decree of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the Soviet Union dated July 15 1948, in accordance with the decree of Council of Ministers of the USSR № 2411-737 dated July 7 1947.

The founder and the first director was an outstanding Russian scientist, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR professor Sergey Nikolaevich Ushakov. Prominent Leningrad scientists, experts in polymer chemistry and physics (P.P. Kobeko, S.E. Bresler, M.M. Koton, M.V. Volkenstein, V.N. Tsvetkov, A.A. Vansheidt, N.I. Nikitin, S.N. Danilov, and A.A. Korotkov) led research work in the key areas of polymer science.

Main activities:

Fundamental and applied research and developments in the areas of polymer, organic, physical, bio-organic chemistry, experimental and theoretical physics of macromolecular compounds.

Areas of research:

  • Chemistry of macromolecular compounds, studies of mechanisms and regularities of polymer formation, chemical and structural transformations in macromolecules;
  • Development of principles of creation of functional polymer materials, including high-strength and highly thermostable structural materials and nanocomposites;
  • Theoretical and experimental physics and mechanics of polymers, computer simulations of complex macromolecular systems;
  • Development of fundamentals of synthesis of a new generation biologically active polymers; controlled modification of medicinal and biologically active substances with natural and synthetic polymers for the purpose of using them in medicine, bioengineering, and biotechnology.


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