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Санкт-Петербургский институт (филиал) Всероссийского государственного университета юстиции (РПА Минюста России)

St. Petersburg Branch of the All-Russian State University of Justice, Saint-Petersburg Branch

The Russian Law Academy is a central educational and scientific establishment of the Ministry for Justice of the Russian Federation.

The Academy today is one of the largest legal higher educational establishments in Russia that enjoys a first-rate research and academic potential: over a half of its teaching staff have science-degrees and titles of a candidate in science, an assistant professor and one fourth of its teachers are doctors in science, professors.

Over 20,000 people are annually involved at the Academy in principal educational programs for Bachelor's ,specialist's, Master's and top-qualification scientific and academic manpower training.

The Academy is not only an educational but also research institution. A science and research centre, which operates as a structural subdivision of the Academy, is engaged in providing science-based expertise for the Russian Ministry of Justice activities.

The Academy carries out fundamental and applied researches, information analysis and expert response support for State government bodies including the Russian Federation Government, the Russian Federation Ministry for Justice, local self- governing authorities and legal entities.

The Academy Graduation Diploma is a guarantee of a successful career start- up in law.


Fields of study

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