全名: 民间艺术高等学校(学院)

校长: Sergei I. Petrov

官方网站: http://www.lesgaft.spb.ru/

电子邮件: rectorlesgaft@mail.ru

电话号码: +7 (812) 714-40-13

地址: 35 Decembristov st., St. Petersburg190121

入学帮助: +7 (812) 714-06-74

地铁站 Sadovaya



Lesgaft University founded by an outstanding scientist and educator Peter Lesgaft in 1896 is the oldest higher physical education institution in Russia and Europe.

Having passed the way from Lesgaft courses to the National University, Lesgaft University has become a modern multidisciplinary higher educational institution that naturally combines pedagogical, sport, economic and humanitarian education.

The year of the University foundation coincides with the year of the modern Olympic Games rebirth by Pierre de Coubertin. The best Russian scientists, members of the Academy of Sciences I.P. Pavlov, L.A. Orbeli, V.L. Komarov, A.F. Ioffe and E.V. Tarle used to work at Lesgaft University.

Over the years, Lesgaft University becomes one of the leading Russian higher educational institutions according to the level of qualification of the teaching staff, as well as for the number and quality of published textbooks.

Today Lesgaft University undertakes global mission of training the coaching and teaching staff, giving scientific and methodological support of the industry and the education of young athletes, the best of which become Olympic champions.

Lesgaft University made a huge contribution to training top-qualification athletes. Our students, postgraduate students and alumni won more than 300 Olympic medals, including 178 Olympic gold medals; more than 900 gold medals at the European and World Championships. Over 600 graduates are honored coaches of various sports.


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