ETU “LETI” Creates Consortium to Develop Intelligent Agricultural Systems for Green Economy


On February 19, eight universities, institutes, and companies signed an agreement on establishing the research and production consortium “Intelligent Agricultural Systems and Carbon Engineering.”

The consortium includes eight Russian universities, academic institutes, and enterprises: ETU “LETI,” Siberian Federal University, Don State Technical University, Komarov Botanical Institute, Institute of Fundamental Problems of Biology, Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry, the Akari Center Innovation Firm, and Synergy Technologies.

The consortium aims to combine the scientific, educational, engineering, and manufacturing capacities of its members to advance organic farming and develop new agricultural technologies using computer science and artificial intelligence and focusing on environmental protection.

Consortium members will develop integration mechanisms for joint projects, initiatives, and participation in competitions. Also, participants plan to draft standards that will ensure the introduction of innovative technologies for regenerative agriculture and decarbonization by adopting big data processing and other intelligent technologies.

“Each participant is important to us. Behind each of them, there are teams with unique expertise and experience in solving tasks and projects of interest to the consortium. Universities can provide the full cycle of design of devices and systems and training of relevant cadre. Academic institutions provide the fundamental element based on which applied solutions emerge. Research organizations, together with universities, are also involved in education. The most important result for the consortium will be the promotion of innovations in the markets, and in this case, we count on the experience of business.” – Viktor Sheludko, Rector of ETU “LETI”.

At the meeting, representatives of consortium organizations presented key research areas related to the technological modernization of agriculture.


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