Polytechnic University has an updated Admission Office for International Students

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After the global redevelopment, the renovated Admission Office - a multifunctional center integrating all information and communication services and structural units of international services responsible for the admission and registration of foreign applicants and documentary support of students during their studies - started operating on the SPbPU International Campus. On Wednesday, February 3, the opening ceremony was held, which was attended by Rector of SPbPU, Andrei Rudskoi, Academician of the RAS.

“Peter the Great Polytechnic University is home to more than 8,000 international students from all over the world. It is very important that international applicants receive our help and support on a variety of issues even before they arrive at Polytechnic University. So that from the very first days of their stay they realize they have joined the Polytechnic family. The transformation of the Admissions Office for international applicants is yet another step towards making Polytechnic University a world-class school. I am confident that the experience of Polytechnic University will be adopted by many Russian universities to create a favorable and comfortable environment for international students to study and live,” noted the Rector of SPbPU.

The large-scale redevelopment lasted more than six months. During this time, the SPbPU International Campus underwent a global redevelopment of its facilities and an Admission Office zone was created. The material and technical, information and logistics services of the campus were renovated and unified into a single complex. All departments involved in the work with international applicants and students were integrated into a “One-Window System” system. This allowed to optimize the recruitment and enrollment of foreign nationals for education and their further information and documentary support.

“Every year, the infrastructure of Polytechnic University becomes more and more attractive to foreign audiences. The coronavirus pandemic gave us time to globally restructure the Admission Office for foreign applicants, which takes care of coordinating all issues related to admission and enrollment of foreign citizens,” commented Dmitry Arseniev, SPbPU Vice Rector for International Affairs.

To ensure that international applicants and students can receive information services and documentary support as quickly and easily as possible, the single Admission Office area includes an electronic queue system, a functioning counseling information center, a comfortable waiting area, and a set of multimedia services that provide information and visual support for international students.

The electronic queue system greatly simplifies the logistics of international applicants and students at any stage - they just need to select the necessary menu item on the touch screen information panel, get a coupon with their number, and wait for a call to a specialist of the Admission Office, seated in the waiting area. Similarly, the electronic queue optimizes the work of Admission Office staff: when the specialist is ready to receive the next visitor, he/she will press the call button, and the number from the list will be displayed on the board in the waiting area. For the convenience of visitors, information in the electronic queue is duplicated by voice messages in Russian, English, Chinese, and Spanish. In addition, there is a reception desk in the Admission Office entrance area, where a campus navigation and e-queue advisor is on duty at all times.

“The idea behind the One-Window System is to create the most comfortable and friendly environment for international applicants and students entering the university at the SPbPU International Campus. In addition, this system facilitates the admission process and further support throughout the educational process,” said Maria Bocharova, Director of the Center for International Recruitment and Communications.

The route that foreign applicants will take when applying to Polytechnic University was personally checked by the Rector of SPbPU. Andrey Rudskoi evaluated the multifunctionality of a single Admission Office area and noted the modern design. As a sign of the official opening of the renovated Admission Office for international applicants, Rector of Polytechnic University Andrei RUDSKOI together with representatives of international services and the activists of foreign students ceremoniously cut the green ribbon.

“I’m very happy that every year Polytechnic University is only getting better, more modern, and more ambitious. When I saw how everything was transformed, I wanted to come to Polytechnic University again. From the bottom of my heart I wish future students success and good luck - believe me, you will study at one of the best universities in Russia!” wished Hanaa ItrI, an SPbPU graduate from Morocco.

International students will already be able to experience the renewed Admission Office now - the admission campaign for international applicants started on February 1. But plans to improve and modernize the infrastructure of Polytechnic University’s international campus do not end there: the future plans include the global tasks of creating the Single Center for Foreign Nationals of SPbPU (SCFNPU), which will combine migration registration, registration and visa services, accommodation in dormitories, medical insurance and other operational services.


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