St Petersburg University to prepare lawyers in ecological safety and use of natural resources


St Petersburg University is to open a new master’s programme in Ecological and Legal Counselling in Economic Activity. It will be of interest to those who have a degree in law, ecology, use of natural resources, or technosphere safety.

‘In recent years there have been reforms in environmental legislation, namely the waste reform, regulatory guillotine, and EU carbon tax on imports. This may increase ecological and legal risks in business if companies lack experts who would be able to provide advice on aspects of environmental protection and legislation,’ said Anton Khoroshavin, Associate Professor at St Petersburg University and Academic Supervisor of the programme.

The new wide-ranging cross-disciplinary programme will prepare unique specialists who would be highly demanded in the labour market in Russia. It will primarily focus on management and legal counselling in business and public administration on aspects of resource saving efficiency, efficient use of natural resources, and environmental protection.

The syllabus of the academic programme was designed by the University in collaboration with external organisations that were potential employers for graduates. They provided advice on what specialists they would like to see among their employees in future, and what competences, knowledge, skills, and expertise students should acquire to obtain a degree. The programme is properly balanced in how the courses are proportioned in natural sciences and humanities. Among the courses are Environmental Management, Forest Law, Environmental Regulation, Waste Management, and Environmental Design.

The programme will enable those who have a degree in law to delve deeper into ecology and those who have a degree in ecology to gain a better understanding of how legislation works during the initial stages of the study period.

Anton Khoroshavin, Associate Professor at St Petersburg University and Academic Supervisor of the programme

The courses will be delivered by high-calibre staff who have gained an extensive scientific and practical experience in ecology and law. This will ensure a balance between ecological and legal aspects in preparing specialists who would be able to make the right decisions to introduce environment protection measures into business.

After obtaining a degree, students may pursue a range of career paths in public administration with a focus on: use, restoration, and protection of natural resources; public prosecution in environmental legislation; management positions in the sector of ecological safety and sustainable development; departments of environmental protection in a range of companies; and commercial and non-commercial organisations that provide legal counselling in ecology and law for business. Students may choose to work as lawyers, auditors, or advisers. The high quality of education ensured by the University should enhance their suitability for a career both in Russia and abroad.

Entry requirements: applicants should successfully pass the portfolio competition.


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