ETU “LETI” Research for the Development of Microwave Photonics


As part of the consortium "Microwave Photonics Technology of New Generation Digital and Analog Systems," scientists from ETU "LETI" will create advanced equipment for big data transmitting and processing.

St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" entered the consortium "Microwave Photonics Technology of New Generation Digital and Analog Systems." It is founded to establish globally competitive research centers, develop best practices in research and education in the development of new materials and methods of designing digital and analog systems for big data transmission and processing based on microwave photonics technology.

Ten Russian engineering universities, academic institutes, and industrial enterprises signed the agreement to create the consortium: ETU "LETI," National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, Ryazan State Radio Engineering University, Lebedev Physical Institute, Prokhorov General Physics Institute, Ioffe Institute, Polyus Research Institute, NPO Almaz, RC Modul.

The consortium members will create components, modules, and designs of innovative microwave photonics equipment. The participants will jointly develop network educational programs and international cooperation, assess R&D projects, organize scientific events and academic mobility programs for professors.

"One of the initiators of the consortium was ETU "LETI." It is no coincidence because the university has many years of experience in carrying out research projects in integrated microelectronics. I am sure that uniting the human and research potential of the consortium members under the auspices of ETU "LETI" will allow attracting state funding for joint scientific and innovative projects and bring the field of microwave photonics in Russia to a new level of development" - Alexander Semyonov, Head of the Department of Physical Electronics and Technology.

ETU "LETI" has an acclaimed background in integrated microwave photonics and microelectronics. From 2017 to 2020, university scientists, together with industrial partners, developed a tunable RF and microwave photonic generator and carried out several research projects in nonlinear optical and spin-wave processes to create integrated optical gyroscopes and spectrum analyzers.

In 2018, ETU "LETI" established the Interfaculty Center for Microwave Photonics, where scientists from the Department of Physical Electronics and Technology, the Department of Theoretical Foundations of Radio Engineering, and the Department of Laser Measurement and Navigation Systems conduct research in integrated microwave photonics and fiber-optic microwave photonic systems.


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